Utility Billing/EasyClerk®

Utility Billing provides users the tool to control and manage a municipality’s billing system for water, sewer, refuse, electric, natural gas and contracted services in a simple, efficient and flexible manner. EasyClerk® produces bills for water, etc.

Flexibility is at the core of the program, which allows users to decide what and where information is printed on the customer bill, courtesy notices and meter sheets. Bills may be printed in route book order or any combination of alphabetical, zip code, mailing pull codes or carrier route.

A number of new features have enhanced the program, providing added productivity and customization for each user.

Utility Billing Screen Shot



  • Unbundled rates based on user-defined rate components
  • Reports can be redesigned by end user
  • Meter reading estimation and high/low parameters can be defined
  • Usage information from same period as last year can be captured, printed or utilized in graphing
  • Move In/Move Out on one screen
  • Multiple meter readings per location to handle meter change outs
  • Helpful reports include Finalizing, Move In/Move Out, Deposit Report Custom History & Adjustments
  • User modified bill printing
  • ACH (direct bank payment)
  • Flexible customer selection screen, user column order searches
  • Customer lookup promise to pay module to keep track of payment arrangements
  • Cash Register module
  • Paperless billing
  • Email - bills reminders



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