Value Support Plan keeps
users on cutting edge

The PowerManager® software programs from the Nebraska Municipal Power Pool (NMPP) and Salt Creek Software (SCS) have been a valuable tool for hundreds of municipalities around the nation for many years.

For more than two decades NMPP and SCS have met the needs of software users in the form of providing new and useful applications along with subsequent program upgrades to improve efficiency and keep users current amid evolving technology. Part of the continuing quality service is through PowerManager's® Value Support Plan, which keeps PowerManager® users current on the most up-to-date versions of the software. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the plan:

Q. What is the Value Support Plan and why was it created?

A. The Value Support Plan is the same service we have always provided, it’s just a little different in concept. The plan ensures that users of the four core PowerManager® programs—Utility Billing/EasyClerk, Payroll, Inventory Plus and General Ledger/Accounts Payable—will always have the most up-to-date version of software.

With technology, especially software, once you develop a program and distribute it, the task of supporting and improving the program is never-ending. It’s the same with any software you buy. Without upgrades or support, the product eventually becomes obsolete as technology moves forward. This plan allows us to serve users in the most timely manner as opposed to having one major upgrade each year to one of the core programs.

Under the Value Support Plan, participants pay an annual fee and receive annual upgrades for each of the programs. In addition, a customer support plan will be included. No matter if you are utilizing all the programs or just one, everyone will receive an upgrade each year.

Q. What does customer support include?

A. Customer support phone consultation is available to all participants Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

For those not participating in the plan, hourly support rates have increased substantially. Users may go a stretch without needing support, but when they need it, they need it immediately—a support staff person needs to be available every day of the work week, and needs to be covered in the fees. Like insurance, it’s a service you hope you never need, but when you need it, you’re extremely glad it’s available.

Q. Are there other benefits to the plan?

A. Obviously, always having the most current version of the software application is the biggest benefit along with having built-in support. But, other benefits include regular communication and improved response to user needs. We are able to supply improvements on a more timely basis.

Q. Do all users have to belong to the plan?

A. No, but users that are not on the Value Support Plan only receive upgrades and support upon request through substantially higher prices. Users participating in the plan are always ensured they will be up to date with whichever of the four software applications they are using and will have access to support anytime during the work week.

Q. How are annual upgrades distributed?

A. They are provided on a CD for easy installation to your current application.