EasyClerk ®

The ultimate time-saver – EasyClerk® produces bills for water, sewer, refuse and contracted services. Whittle down a week of billing work to just one day with EasyClerk®.

The software program allows users to customize bills, deciding what and where information appears on customer bills, courtesy notices and meter sheets. It can print bills in route book order or any combination of alphabetical, zip code, mailing pull codes or carrier route.

New features have been added to increase productivity and provide users flexibility to utilize the EasyClerk® package to suit specific needs.

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  • Handles metered or flat charges using user-defined rate components
  • Reports can be redesigned by end user
  • Options to aid in handling “move-ins” and “move-outs”
  • Locations can have any number of water meters
  • Reports can be reproduced from prior billing periods
  • User modified bill printing
  • ACH (direct bank payment)
  • Flexible customer selection screen, user column order searches
  • Move In/Out, adjustments, customer history & deposit reports