Accounts Receivable

Save time and money with the Accounts Receivable program. Users can quickly and efficiently access historical customer records to produce several types of reports, making managing your community’s accounts receivable easier than ever.

Customer billing, including sales tax information, is calculated preventing costly billing errors, lost revenues due to math errors or uncollected sales tax funds. Quarterly or annual reports can be printed, making filing sales tax and other reports simple.

Invoices can be used as receipts and aging reports showing past-due invoices can produce custom reminders. The PowerManager® Plus Accounts Receivable module provides an easy-to-follow audit trail for tracking billing and payments.

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  • Allows for easy tracking of past due invoices via Aging Reports for sending reminder notices to past due accounts
  • Produces organized, legible invoices that can be used as receipts, packing slip, etc.
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Easy check of customer balance due
  • Quickly produce activity reports by date range, category or customer, saving valuable time by avoiding searching through hardcopy files
  • Eliminates mathematical errors calculating total amount due, taxes and other charges
  • Ability to add new customers on the fly
  • Ability to add a process to calculate late payment penalties
  • Cash Register capability
  • Email invoices