A key to cost-efficient operation of a municipality is inventory control. The Inventory program offers a proven system to track and manage inventory and produce a variety of reports, including:

• Low stock warnings
• Monthly transactions
• Inventory listings
• Auditors report
• Total project costs

Inventory also provides work order and purchase order tracking. It is ideal for large or small municipalities that deal with many vendors and have a large inventory. The Inventory software is a work order/purchase program that tracks city/utility supplies and project materials constantly needed to maintain municipal responsibilities.
It helps in tracking:

• Costs for labor and materials on various billed-out projects
• Suppliers to ensure cost-effective parts are always on hand
• Insurance-related materials in case of theft, fire or other disasters

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  • Prints purchase orders and work orders
  • Calculates sales tax for purchase orders
  • Contains a variety of report options
  • Stock number vendor history
  • Based on average-cost method
  • Options to purchase history by stock number, item code, item type or purchase order number
  • Scrollable reports with search capabilities
  • Look-up tables for stock items, vendors or shipping codes
  • Unlimited number of material tickets for a work order
  • Add a filter on the Add/Edit PO selection form so that closed PO's are not initially displayed